Monday, March 22, 2010

first lesson: Your foundations

Crochet is a great way to divert yourself from a lot of things.
I used it to quit smoking.
It's also really relaxing & at time challenging yet, accomplishing.

Here's your first lesson:
Your foundation chain.

A crochet hook you're comfortable holding & some WW yarn, for this tute I'll be using Redheart super saver from my scrap stash.

Obviously you're very new to crochet yeah? The foundation chain will be your starting point. Depending on what kind of pattern or stitch you're using the amount of chains you make will affect it. There's multiples & all that jazz, I will explain that when we get to a point of making something.

Make sure that you have a 5 inch tail before making your first chain.
1. Make a loop, with a 5 inch tail & pull the working yarn behind the loop you just made

2. Insert your hook into the loop and pull up your working yarn.

3. Pull the working end yarn to tighten your chain, but not too tight that it is a struggle to move the yarn back and forth on your hook.

4. Holding the working yarn with your left hand, yarn over the hook & pull it through the previous loop.
Repeat step for 9 more times & there you go, a chain.

Any questions? leave a comment.